Sunday, January 29, 2017

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While no excuse is needed, today I am coloring because my leggings made me do it! Doesn't this #sweetlegs print/motif just beg to be colored in? #SundayCraftingFunday #owlAlwaysLoveYou #KnitCahootsOnTheBrain #coloringbook

Saturday, January 28, 2017

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These greens have been making eyes at me 😍 and singing the sweet siren song of "cast-on, cast-on, cast-on" ever since they arrived from @infinitetwist.💚💚 Today I obliged! I love the unique and simple to knit construction of the #GradientAnglesShawl by @twinsetjan and am trying to decide if I want to make the 2nd wing match or improv some stripes. #knitAndEatYourGreens #infiniteTwist #twinSetDesigns #ravelry #yarnSwoon #knittersofIG

Friday, January 27, 2017

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It would seem that recovering from surgery has left me with just enough brain space and energy to knit socks. #skewSocks are stuck on repeat, and I am making Ellie matching rollers with the leftovers. Yarn is @spinningfates @716knit and @wskmontana I caked up the Choco Rainbow #WesternSkyKnits for the @suburbanstitcher #rainbowalong but couldn't help myself from casting on and knitting it up before the KAL began. 😂 #knittingBrightensMyDay #handknitsocks #selfstripingsockyarn #ravelry #knittersofInstagram

Monday, January 23, 2017

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I got tired of my husband scolding me for picking out the cashews and hazelnuts from the standard nut mix, so I headed to #TraderJoes and bought only what I wanted to make my own mix. The Megan Mix (as it's known in my house) is raw cashews, hazelnuts, and orange flavored dried cranberries. What would be in your mix? #justMix #yummmmmm #nutsForNuts

Sunday, January 22, 2017

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This beautiful smile brought to you by 2 pair of new #handknitSocks! She really does love the socks I knit her. 😁😍💞 Leftover yarn from my socks aren't quite enough for her shorties anymore, so I am doing coordinating heels and toes. #hugsAndSmilesForSocks #SundaySockFunday #ravelry #knittinglove

Friday, January 20, 2017

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My finished and blocked #findyourfadeshawl is massively awesome! Alternative title: that time you knit a shawl bigger than your 3 kids combined 😍😂 #kidsForScale #notForSale #lovethesefaces #ravelry #findyourFadeShawlKAL #findyourfadeKAL

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Walking and knitting a few rounds today at the indoor track; slowly making my way back to normal 👟 😁👍 Yet another pair of #skewSocks made it on my needles with a OOAK self-striping colorway from @716knit. I would name it: Zombie cupcake with sprinkles! #justWalkKnitForNow #walkKnit #handknitsocks #selfstripingsockyarn #yarnSwoon #knittymag #ravelry #knittersofIG

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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#taDone A new pair of #handknitSocks = happy feet and happy knitting mojo! There is so much joy in these that I couldn't pick just one FO picture. 😍💞😁 #SkewSocks @spinningfates with Radio Gaga colorway. #theJoyOfSox #ravelry #HappyKnittingJoy

Monday, January 16, 2017

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R&R&K: Rest, relaxation, and knits. Recovering means lots of Chaz cuddles 😻 (my very own therapy cat) under a knit blanket, wearing comfy knit-print @sweetlegs, and a few rounds of knitting on a hat for Dex. @threeirishgirlsyarn yarn in the Northshore colorway from #yarnharborduluth. #sleepKnitRepeat #knittersofinstagram #ravelry

Friday, January 13, 2017

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Thank you to everyone for their kindness, well wishes, and prayers. 💞🙏 After struggling with lots of pain post-op, I am now home from the hospital, resting and recovering. Knowing I have my knitting friends rooting for me has helped so much! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to everyone! #knittersarethebestpeople #flowerstobrightenmyday

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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On the final few rows of the last color of my #findyourfadeshawl and it doesn't quite all fit into the picture anymore! I can't wait to wear this large, smooshy, colorful, warm hug of a shawl! The deep pink reads red in the photo, but it is really striking in real life. #ravelry #knittersofInstagram #bigShawlLove #findyourfadekal

Monday, January 9, 2017

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Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! 🎂 I spent my birthday weekend feeling so much love and enjoyed opening all kinds of fun packages! Knitting friends really are the best friends! #BFFcowl, #LoopyTheSheep, and all kinds of awesome owls, including a #KnittersNightmare sock blank! #knittersarethebestpeople #loveMySheepPeeps

Thursday, January 5, 2017

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Even though I know these are MY color choices, and yarn from MY stash, I can't get over how ME this shawl is! Totally found _MY_ fade! The color changes are keeping me going with color 5 soon! 😍💞 #findyourfadeshawl #findyourfadekal #ravelry #knittersofinstagram

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

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About a week late, but worth the wait? This blue moebius infinity cowl that I improvised will look so good on my gorgeous Mom! ◼Yarn: @knittedwit Victory DK in the Icebreaker colorway, #KnitStyleYarns DK in the Blue Glass colorway. ◼Pattern: stitch pattern from #vacillateShawl adjusted for DK yarn, provisional cast-on, and joining with a twist and kitchenering at the end. #ravelry #betterlatethannever #handmadeWithLove #handknitGifts #knittersofIG

Monday, January 2, 2017

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Happy New Year! I am setting the tone for the whole New Year by doing things I love and I hope you are doing the same. Spending quality time with my family, casting on awesome new projects with gorgeous yarn, and finishing up a design for @knitcahoots 🔜 #Minnesota52. ☑Socks:: another pair of #skewSocks with @spinningfates Radio Gaga ☑Sweater:: #ClioSweater by @bluebeestudio with #SocksThatRockHeavyweight ☑Shawl:: #findyourfadeshawl For more info, I tagged everyone! #ravelry #newyearscaston #findyourfadekal #knittersofIG