Monday, February 20, 2017

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#yarnLoveChallengeDay20 is #handmadeHome I tend to knit a lot of knitwear and not a lot of home items. But there was that one time in 2009, when I bought 12 skeins of @lionBrandyarn homespun, cast-on a ton of stitches on the longest circular needle I had and knit garter for what felt like infinity. I knit it as one piece and I was monogamous at the time, so I literally carried it around in a tote bag, lol! It was worth it though, as I am sitting underneath it right now as I type this. Oh the #KNITstalgia and baby face Ellie and Megan 💞 #knitBlanket #yarnLoveChallenge

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These stripes are the combination of Valentine's Day pink, St Patrick's green, and a ton of talent from the @showmeyarn gals who humored me and helped bring these stripes to life! It is so fun to see something in your mind's eye and then have it materialize as a colorway! Colorway is: 'Kiss Me, I'm an Irish Zombie' 😘💞💞😍 Pattern: #skewSocks #ravelry #knittyMag #handKnitSocks #knitAndEatYourGreens

Sunday, February 19, 2017

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#yarnLoveChallengeDay19 is #onTheGo which pretty much describes my weekend. We enjoyed unseasonably warm weather paired with exciting new #PokemonGo Gen2 monsters to find, and I have a new pair of sock on the needles. My adventure walk socks all accompany me in this @binkwaffle knot bag from a dear friend, which is perfect for #knitWalking. #yarnLoveChallenge

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Today's #dailyKnitSocks are a shiny-new FO of #PartyingItUPandGettingDownSocks with my oldest stash from #yarnLoveChallenge Day 10. I made 2 toe-up socks with @knitterly_things #vespersockyarn Sweet Water colorway. Love these! #yarnSwoon #ravelry

Friday, February 17, 2017

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Speaking of fantastic #fiberFriends aka my #fiberFamily, I received this wonderful package that made me cry. The #januarythaw2017 crew and #sunvalleyfibers took time out of their fun to send me well wishes and gifts. I missed you all so much, and this meant so much to me! Thank you, and sending you all kinds of love right back! 💌💞

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#yarnLoveChallengeDay17 is #fiberFriends, but I tend to think of them as my fiber family! I truly believe #knittersAreTheBestPeople 💞 While we are spread far and wide, the Internet and #Ravelry keep us close throughout the year, and we have #fiberFamily reunions throughout the year. Which reminds me, I am missing everyone at #knittingPipeline2017 so much this weekend! #yarnLoveChallenge

Thursday, February 16, 2017

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#yarnLoveChallengeDay16 is #happyColor! These are most definitely the colors that make me happy, and a happy coincidence that I have a FO #GradientAngles shawl. I made it asymmetrical, with unique left and right sides, and I love that there are 2 different ways to style/wear it. Two shawls in one 😁😍💞 @infinitetwist @twinsetjan #knitAndEatYourGreens #yarnLoveChallenge