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Cat in lap; row of rainbow stitches on the needles, rays of sunshine coming through the window.πŸ…πŸŒˆ➿☀️Taking a deep breath in this moment while feeling great sadness and worry for the NZ mass shooting victims and flooding in Iowa where I grew up. So much loss. Life is so precious, and while I try to take steps toward a better tomorrow, I am always so thankful for the today I have. . .. Yarn is @threeirishgirlsyarn 🌈 colorway Even my accessories have super powers And @camelcityknits silver fox #hugYourLovedOnes #lovetoday #knittingToStaySane #knitstagram #knittersofInstagram #Knitsnotbots #knitLove

It's been quite the week already!

There really wasn't a bad combo in my previous pairings post!

I truly appreciate this breath-takingly beautiful sight to behold.

Today I shopped my stash and chose these color combos for a new cast-on.

Tonight D and I finished reading another great book: The Magic Misfits

Trying to curb cabin fever on a bitter cold Sunday

Happy Caturday! In celebration of the day, the cat-napping and shawl knitting have commenced!

My current color combo crush!

Hat selfie! I have started many, but this is the first IG challenge I have actually completed!

Favorite Yarn! The correct answer is: all of it!