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Surrounded by orange today and channeling the love and joy like @ggmadeit 🧑! #orangeYouHappy

May cause irrepressible happiness indeed! ☕πŸ§¦πŸ…

ZK prep includes making stitch markers and putting together #JustRunKnit goodie bags! If you are attending #ZK2021 make sure to show me your JustRunKnit FO so that I can give you one! πŸŽ‰πŸ’ž . It is all feeling very real and very exciting! Hugs sooooooon! . #knitspiration #knittersofinstagram #knittersarethebestpeople

πŸ–️🧦Socks on the beach! Knitting socks everywhere

Celebrating 10 fun years with Quentin! Happy birthday Q! #soMuchFun #SummerVibes #lakeLife

πŸ€”Still pondering the perfect project for my June #useItOrLostIt deep stash diving.....

Soaking up the Summer sun beams! #HappyCaturday from Sully and me 😻 🌞

🧦⚽πŸ’žA SOCK-er game's worth of knitting!

When I find myself in times of stress, crafting comforts me......and often I go back to the same project over and over again.

The alchemy of speckles in color work has always alluded me... until now!

Quiet moments enjoying a few rounds of #sockKnitting before we head out on spring break adventures