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Summer time, and the living’s easy! ⛱️

{ New socks } 🧦 { Happy feet } 😁 FO Friday! (every day is great day for an FO though)! Yarn 🧢 is from @rebelpurl.qrg in the Rebel Purl colorway Pattern is #SkewSocks (pair #55!) . .. #strikkesokker #sockKnitting #socksofinstagram #IloveKnitting #handknitsocks #dailyknitsocks #knittymag

WWKIP! Today has been a whirlwind, but through it all I definitely did my share of knitting in public!

The Full Circle Wrap features the signature #WraptitudeCollection styling loop for ease in styling, as well as 1 color and 2 color sections that keep you knitting!

Today is the last release in #WraptitudeCollection (Wrap + Aptitude): Full Circle Wrap!  

Showing off the fun mixture of playing with texture and color in the Witty Banter Wrap!

I am excited to share the Witty Banter Wrap!

When your weekend has an extra day but it is filled with pouring rain, you cast-on a new project...

Another #medcitymarathon in the books! It is a beautiful day!

The Making Connections Wrap is a fun mixture of playing with shape, colors, and textures!

This week's Wraptitude design is the Making Connections Wrap!