Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Born Yesterday...

As a fan of a clever turn of phrase, January 8th is my favorite day to declare: I was indeed born yesterday!!

My birthday has been the first real temptation on my resolution of going cold sheep.  I want to use my birthday as an excuse, and gifts as a means of bringing more yarn to me!

<----  At this point please glance to the left bar and see that the ticker is indeed indicating it has only been 9 days since my last yarn purchase.

Feel free to laugh hysterically at me and the long, long, loooong road I have ahead!

The really funny part is there is still yarn arriving at my house!
Wonderful people, like Dana of The Unwind Yarn Company have sent me yarn for review.

This is a sample of her Wanderlust base (split in half to share with Amy) in the 'More than Words' colorway. It's it gorgeous? And the picture only displays the incredible dye job, and not the feel.

Her Wanderlust base is 100% American-raised and -milled Targhee wool, 3ply worsted, which is a new to me wool.  It has an incredibly soft-hand, a very high squish factor, a slight halo, and yet very sturdy.  A quick reference to Targhee reviews on confirms that these are all traits of Targhee wool.
Genetically speaking, it contains 3/4 finewool blood and 1/4 longwool blood—the former coming from Rambouillet and the latter from Lincoln and Corriedale. ... Targhee fibers have a foundation of relative softness and bounce (thanks to those finewool genes); but they also have a decent staple length and strength (thanks to the longwool genes).  They spin up into a dense, extraordinarily doughy material that begs to be squeezed.  -
The real enabling factor for me is that Unwind Yarn Company sells this base in HUGE skeins of 610 yards / 250 gram, just begging to be a garment.  I want this sweater quantity, I need this sweater quantity.

I may have convinced myself I need to buy this yarn, but my conscience wasn't born yesterday.  The point of the resolution isn't to avoid buying yarn, it is to stop adding to my stash.

If you are like me and always in the market for a non-merino garment yarn, consider yourself enabled!
Meanwhile I will happily knit my Targhee into a hat, and dream of ordering a sweater's quantity some day.


  1. Drat, why did I click on that link?? Now I'm in love with that Hotel California color way, especially after your review....... Can you add a resolution to not enable other people as part of going cold sheep??? :-)). Jk of course - I'm on a yarn budget, which means I only buy the coolest stuff with my yarn pennies - so I need to find out about the coolest stuff, right!!??

    1. LOL! Full disclosure: Enabling is one of my super powers! I can solemnly swear to only mention the very best yarn that I find, but that is all I can do for you =o)

  2. You are just as bad as my husband. For my birthday he pick up a gift card to my LYS yesterday when we stop to pick up buttons.

  3. I've had a SQ of the Wanderlust since Dana first offered it and still haven't knit it up (I think it maybe my Ravellinic project). So pretend to be me, pretend its in your stash, plan along with me and pretend knit it along!

    1. Awesome! I used to be a Meg F, so I can totally live vicariously through you and can't wait to see your Ravellenic Wanderlust Sweater

  4. You've inspired me to put a count both on my (neglected) personal blog, and my podcast blog!
    I'm at 19 days today. :)
    www.rycrafty.con and

    1. AWESOME! Let me know if you need the javascript =o) And you go girl, 19 days and counting!

  5. On a different note I can relate to the using things as an excuse I have been looking for excuses and justifications to eat not good for me foods I have been obsessing instead I've been buying fiber and yarn.... I see trouble ahead ROFLOL