Monday, March 24, 2014

83 days virtuous...Restarting the Counter

As you may have noticed, I had to restart the 'Days Since Yarn Purchase' counter.  Lo, I am not nearly as virtuous as I was hoping I could be.  I made it a whole 83 days and 16 hours without a yarn purchase, which is nothing to scoff at for this yarn obsessed, hoarding-tendencies, prolific stash-er.

My undoing, as those who know me may have been able to predict, was self-striping yarn.  I have long admired the "Life is Beautiful" colorway from Lollipop Yarns, not only for the sentiment of the colorway name, but also the brilliant colors and the combination of the saturated jewel tones.  Joan's weekly updates are fast and furious, and before cold-sheeping I had caught a few and was not been able to snag this gorgeous colorway. And then I kept seeing photos of tantalizing finished objects out of this colorway.  The yarn was calling to be mine. The lucky knitters who had this yarn seemingly mocked me.

Ciao bella! Eight lively and uplifting stripes will accompany you on your journey through a world of fibery enlightenment and understanding.
5 rows Health,
5 rows Happiness,
5 rows Prosperity,
5 rows Love,
5 rows Friendship,
5 rows Blessings,
5 rows Laughter,
5 rows Vitality

So when I saw that this colorway was in her last update, I set a reminder on my phone.  I prepared by signing into Etsy and PayPal, refreshed a billion times, and frantically added it to my cart when it appeared.  I then took a deep breath, and hit Submit Order, to see if the yarn fates would bring Life is Beautiful into my life.  And it did!

As glad as I am to be receiving this gorgeous colorway, I am not going to lie, it felt awful to reset my counter. Wish me luck, as I hope to last much longer than 83 days before another online yarn purchase this time!


  1. Well, if you ask me, it doesn't count if it was a yarn you had tried to purchase previously but were unable to due to the high demand. ;)

    1. I like the way you think! The aim of the resolution was to stop adding to my stash, not stop purchases, so my conscience says I cheated LoL

  2. But hey, 83 days and 16 hours is very admirable! I just started my yarn AND quilt fabric diet a whopping 5 days ago.

  3. I guess you could like give yourself a time limit, such as, if you knit the yarn within a certain number of days after obtaining it, it was never truly stash so it doesnt count? Never the less, congrats on your awesome yarn!

  4. I don't think anyone could resist that beauty! 83 days and 16 hours is nothing to smirk at though. I seem to have found your purchasing mojo though as I can't seem to stop putting things in my cart. lol. Good Luck and I'll be rooting for you.

  5. If you are gonna break your trend, this seems like an amazing one to do it with :) love the colors and even more, i love the sentiments behind the name. What an amazing project this will make with all that good juju! <3

  6. That was well worth falling off the wagon - how could anyone be expected to resist that?! You enjoy every stitch of it :-)

  7. I often have the same issue! What is the countdown widget that you are using? This would be fun to add to my Ravelry profile!