Thursday, September 21, 2017

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As an anniversary gift, I bought the game #bearsvVSbabies, and the whole family has enjoyed playing it every day since! 😁😁 The giggle-worthy graphics are by @theoatmeal, the premise of the game is easy to learn, it is fun with 5 people or just 2 (after kids are in bed), it takes about 20 minutes to play, and building crazy monsters to take on diabolical baby armies is super entertaining and funny! 👍👍x5 #loveMyFamily #funForTheWholeFamily

Monday, September 18, 2017

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Many years, births, deaths, tears, and lots and lots of laughter have brought us where we are today. But the important part is we are together. Happy anniversary to the kind and wonderful man that I get to share my life with. 😘😘💞💞

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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When you are lazy and wait to block a bunch of sweaters all at once, it sort of feels like an FO-paloza.....until you remember how long you let them sit there #aBlockAway! 😋 LOL I foresee wearing this one all fall and winter long! Pattern: #groundPepperSweater by @suviknits with a beautiful blue @leadingmenfiberarts speckle gradient kit! 💞💞😍😍 As a bonus I think I may have enough leftovers to knit E a sweater too! #winterIsComing #sweaterWeather #Ravelry #yarnswoon

Monday, September 11, 2017

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Owl always love you! 🦉🦉💞💞 And there is so much to love: The fun of unraveling a sock blank. My children's funny disbelief that the stars and owls don't show up in the socks. How the gorgeous gradient is knitting up. And the love of a friend in this gift from my @knitcahoots counterpart and fellow night owl @irocknits. Sock blank is #knittersnightmareyarn @sadieruin Pattern is #NeverLostTogetherSocks. #Minnesota52 #zombieFriendshipKAL #dailyKnitSocks