Celebrating the Little Things

Do you ever take a second to breathe in and out, and really appreciate your life?    You really should!
In spite of the laundry that needs done, or the daily annoyances that can drag you down, find something to be happy about and just BASK in it!

I recently had just such a moment where I was struck with how fortunate I am to have a hobby I love and people that share that love with me! I am also blessed with opportunities to collaborate with fantastic independent craft businesses like MariGayle of Spartickes Dyes who contacted me about being a part of her Holiday Club.

With a smile on my face, and a happy heart, I was beyond excited to say count me in.
Mari  has created a fantastically fun idea of celebrating non-traditional holidays through a yarn club that pairs her beautifully dyed yarn with designs for the occasion.

Designing is just another thing I love about knitting. I channel my inner 'Project Runway' creative vision and embrace the challenge of designing for a theme.  It is also tremendously fun working hand-in-hand with dyers to create a colorway specifically for the design and theme. Secrecy is the only downside for me to designing for a club.  I have to patiently wait to scream from the mountain tops how awesome the club is, and how much fun I am having with the yarn and the design process.

So I have been ever so secretly working on a hat design for Ground Hog's Day, February 2nd!  Every February without fail,  Mr. Ground Hog braves the cold and emerges to predict the weather for us. It's about time we celebrate his courage, his determination, and his weather forecasting abilities!  Whether he predicts a quick end to Winter, 6 more weeks of Winter, or is completely wrong like most weather forecasters are, you will be prepared with this hat design and gorgeous yarn.  Mari just opened up a limited number of spots in her 3 month club, with a discount ending today.  Depending on interest, she may also open up individual months too. So jump in on the club if you are interested!

How about you?  What can you celebrate today? What moments are you basking in?