New Beginnings....

Happy New Year!  A new year brings renewed hope, renewed resolve to make positive changes in your life, and many times new beginnings.

For 2014, I am kicking off this new endeavor! I am also focusing on 5 key goals.

The general theme of my resolutions is DE-CLUTTER my life so that I can prioritize and focus!

1) I am going cold sheep, which means that I am not buying any new yarn and using stash for my knitting projects for the whole year. The only exception is knitting events/retreats, as I generally limit myself better when I am buying yarn in real life.

2) Continue to train and find time for physical activity: running, biking, swimming, hiking.  It clears my mind, and invigorates my spirit.

3) No more soda and instead opting to drink more water.  Articles like this: 10 Reasons To Give Up Diet Soda show that all the diet soda I was drinking is bad for me.

4)  Systematically, relentlessly, continuously remove clutter from my house.

5) Embrace my love of words! Read whether books or audio-books. Blog at least twice a week.

Do you have any new goals and new beginnings for 2014?