Step One is One Step

For me, setting goals is easy. I dream up goals and quite naturally aspire to change. To keep myself accountable, I announce to the world what I am hoping to accomplish. So in a relatively brief amount of time I have decided and proclaimed my goals.

While setting goals is brief and easy, taking the steps necessary to achieve those goals are decidedly NOT brief and easy. It's HARD. It takes daily effort. Working towards a goal is just that: all of the work and none of the glory.

Confession:  I have a half marathon running event coming up in February that I really want to run in, but that I have been completely slacking on training for. I know that if I don't do the work now, I won't be able to run the race in February, but that hasn't stopped days from passing by without training.  The goal is there, but the motivation is missing.

Step One is One Step.
No matter how good or bad I feel, I'm taking One Step toward my goal when I'm training. Struggling to get out the door is the hardest part, and once I am out the door it gets easier. I know this.
Step One is One Step.

My training starts with One Step out the door:

These are lofty mileages, but as long as I am striving towards them, I am taking One Step towards my dreams.

 How about you? Do you have One Step you can take towards your goals?