Yarn Transcending Space and Time

Like a star that has long since burn out, but rays are still reaching the Earth, so are my yarn purchases.

Didn't you know?!?! Yarn can totally transcend space and time!

I went cold sheep some 23 days ago, but the last few yarn purchases are trickling in.  Each and every package that arrives is a beam of happiness that I ordered up for myself in the past and is just now reaching me in the cold, cold sheep future.  I am savoring and prolonging my enjoyment of each and every one of these time traveling skeins of yarn.

Yesterday, I received these self-striping beauties from

Pictured left is Super-Duper Boogaloo - 10 equal stripes of Key Lime, Deep Gin, Smoky, Pink Grapefruit, Olive Juice, Designated Driver, Mocha Latte, Syrah, Purple Haze, and Espresso.
Pictured right is Under the Sea - 10 equal stripes of Espresso, Designated Driver, Olive Juice, Charcoal, Key Lime, Curacao, Margarita, Smoky, Deep Gin, and Minty Fresh.

Not only are the colorway names fun, but the names for the colors of the stripes are fittingly descriptive and match the overall theme of a yarn cocktail.  I am most definitely intoxicated with the colors and the color combinations, and I know at least one of these skeins will be knitted up this year for the year long stripes knit-along.

Don't you just love it when yarn is both gorgeous and transcends space and time!?!