Where in the World Is JustRunKnit?

The easy answer is: obviously not blogging!  I find myself once again apologizing for a prolonged absence from this creative outlet of mine.  I love writing, and obviously I had HUGE hopes of blogging twice a week when I set out on this adventure at the beginning of the year.

Well, as life is wont to do, it got in the way.  I have been very busy with my day job, podcast technical challenges, and retreat planning.  I have also been working on making RUN a bigger part of JustRunKnit.

All of that to say, I am making a concerted effort to make a come back to blogging! And what better way to apologize and gather excitement than with a KAL with prizes!

I have recently published 2 new fingering weight patterns that work well with those pesky highly variegated yarns that are so alluring in the skein, but often mask the stitch patterns and design details.
Let me introduce:

Expanding CommuKnitty

Link to find it on Ravelry

No matter how many knitters I know, and I feel like I know quite a few, I always want to meet more! This sock pattern was inspired by the ever expanding community of knitters I have in my life. For me, knitting is so much more than just a fiber art, needle craft, or hobby. It is a shared interest that connects me with countless other wonderful people, and the starting point to so many dear friendships. So go out and expand your commuKNITTY, by chatting on Ravelry, attending a fiber festival or knitting retreat, visiting a local yarn shop, or knitting in public!

This pattern is written for identical left and right socks, and works well with tonal, highly variegated, and self-striping. This pattern also features the Spacious OMG Heel, which modifies the original heel to have a deeper more spacious heel pocket. This heel more closely mimics a gusset heel rather than a short-row heel, with twice as many gusset rows as the original OMG heel.

Cool Clavicle Cover

Link to find it on Ravelry

Sometimes on even the most scorching days of Summer, your shoulders will get chilled. This crescent shawl is an extremely thin layer that sits nicely on your shoulders. It is light and airy, but provides enough coverage to block blasting air conditioners or combat a slight night time chill.

Using just 1 skein of fingering weight yarn, this shawl works well with those single skeins that are just too gorgeous to put on your feet.  The simple, textured, yet visually interesting stitch pattern knits up beautifully with variegated, tonal, and gradient color ways.

KAL Details

Without further ado, let's get to the KAL and prizes.
* All projects using these 2 patterns are eligible, no matter when they were cast-on, as I know that they had to be started in the last few months.
* KAL ends September 15, 2014.
* To be eligible for prizes, fill out the form below with your Ravelry project page link.  I will draw from that list once I have verified your FO picture in Ravelry by 9/15/2014.
* Winners will be announced on the blog, and I hope to share FO pics on the blog as well.

The prize for the Cool Clavicle Cover is a Stockinette Zombies Couch Bears project bag and a gorgeous skein of Gynx Yarn.
The prize for the Expanding CommuKnitty socks is a Good Looking HO project bag and a beautiful skein of Yarn Vs Zombies.