Happy 2015!

Hello there readers in the year 2015!  I hope the year is treating you well, and you survived the holiday season in good cheer.

I have, as always, been busy knitting and designing, but as you can see from this poor neglected blog, not writing posts here.  I hope to remedy that situation in 2015!

In addition to buckling down and actually putting words on the page, I just set-up a new IFTTT rule to post my Instagram photo's and comments as posts here.  I find that I pack a lot of information and reflections into my Instagram posts, almost like micro-posts, that I would like chronicled here.

As an aside, if you have never used IF This Than That, it is an easy way to automatically cross-post on social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, etc).

So look for more posts here, both in the written and the micro, photo-tastic, Instagram form.