Tracking Your Knitting Yardage

I am a lover of all things data!  If you can track it, I am probably doing so, so I loved when I figured out how to tag and tally my yardage in Ravelry so that I could later reflect and total.  Ravelry makes it super easy-peasy!  Below is a photo tutorial of how I track my yardage using Ravelry tags and tabs. *Click on the pictures for a larger view

1)  Tag your projects with the year. For instance I am using 2015 for my 2015 projects

2) Create a set for your tag. This is done through the Organize tab on your projects page.

Push the 'Create New Set' button and enter in the name of the set, and the tags to be included.  For instance, I did 2015 and 2015. Hit the 'Create' button to finish.

3) Select Set/Tab created and view totals at the bottom of the page.  For instance, I selected my 2015 tab and see at the bottom of the page: 500 yards in 1 project.

4) Select 'view details' to drill down and make sure yardages were listed for each.  This also allows you to see the project with the most yardage and how your projects stacked up.

Join me in tracking your projects and reflecting on what we have knit each year!