New Post via Instagram January 01, 2018 at 12:41PM

Happy 2018! I finished 2017 much like I started it, with a pair of #SkewSocks. 😁 Just to document my crazy: Jan 1st, I cast-on my 18th pair, and finishing this pair Dec 31st was my 45th; 27 in 2017. My 2018 wish for every knitter is to have something that you knit that makes you this happy; a project that you can cast-on when you are uncertain what to knit next, a project that you always have the correct stash at ready to knit with, and a project that you enjoy wearing/using. Yarn is @destinationyarn International Space Station colorway. #dailyKnitSocks #knitHappy #Ravelry #skewSockObsession