New Post via Instagram January 24, 2018 at 10:56PM

I am loving all the #myfirstsweater posts, so here are mine. The garment on the right was my first top that I knit in 2008, which started out as a Little Sister dress for my daughter out of Hobby Lobby I love this cotton. But I misunderstood the pattern yarn weight and gauge and ended up with something that would fit me. In case you don't count garments without sleeves as sweaters, the long sleeve sweater on the left is Olive that I knit in 2009. It was fingering weight and my face shows the shock that I actually finished it! I remember wanting to find a fancy yarn that wasn't too pricey online and ended with this Cascade Heritage Paints from @websyarn. I still wear and love the Olive! #shamelessfirstknits #shortHair #babyFace #ancientKnitstory #RavelryMemories